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Nine Israeli designers who currently study in the Master program at Bezalel academy in Jerusalem entered into a creative dialogue with Israeli designers and artists who lead their lives in Berlin, and investigatedthe many questions raised by this new phenomenon of Israelis choosing to relocate to Berlin in recent years. The nine couples went through a continuous communication process that produced a variety of outcomes. 

Their research covered social, mental, community and identity issues By comparing, discussing and co-working, the designers frame dilemmas and opportunities born from this new situation.

The projects presented here are creating new bridges between the individuals, between the two communities, between reality and imagination, past and future.

"About Design" course at Bezalel master of Design program, constitutes a focal point of advanced academics and research in this discipline in Israel. It is a major nexus of cultural related issues. The program's goal is to develop the designer's broad mode of insight and thought, while placing an emphasis on the importance of the social, technological, theoretical and practicable contexts of their activity.


Galit Shvo, Dana Ben Shalom



Gal Azarzar & Nuriel Azar, Olya Brener &

Avital Globerman, Noga Hadad & Adi Didi Kfir,

Ariel Lavian & Iohanna Nicenboim,

Avihai Mizrahi & Gila Kaplan & Oded Korach,

Liron Peretz & Tom Bicher, Roee Shachnai & Avi Bohbot, Neil Nenner, 

David Sosnovsky & Esther Muller.


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